Ocean Animals Preschool Activity Book by Kailan Carr


Make learning fun with vibrant ocean animal activities for kids ages 3 to 5

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Discover new ways to learn and play with the help of colorful creatures under the sea! This preschool activity book immerses kids in an underwater adventure that teaches colors, numbers, letters, words, shapes, and patterns. Watch kids’ eyes light up as they connect the numbered dots on an octopus, color jellyfish by letter, and help mermaids find treasure by tracing a path. The school of fishy friends in this ocean animal activity book makes learning exciting!

Go beyond other preschool activity books to find:

  • Engaging variety—Kids will dive into learning different skills with the help of word searches, mazes, matching games, coloring activities, and more.
  • High-quality design—Bright full-color illustrations fill the pages with oceanic magic, and sturdy paper makes it easier for little hands to draw and color.
  • Portable size—This tablet-sized choice in preschool activity books is perfect to bring on the road.

Educate and entertain with the ocean animal-themed activities in this delightful preschool book.

Ocean Animals Preschool Activity Book by Kailan Carr