Natural Consequences : A Novel by Elia Barceló


“A novel that full of reflections, humor, and irony makes a fierce criticism of machismo, patriarchy, and gender roles with all their implications. It is a story with environmental dyes that highlight the importance of real equality, language, and its power, as well as how complicated are motherhood and the differential treatment that women receive when they are pregnant. I can do nothing but recommend that you run to your nearest bookstore to order the book. It is an essential reading that has been automatically transformed into one of my favorites of the year.”
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The Xhroll, an alien humanoid race whose infertility is bringing them near extinction, come into contact with a crew of fertile human astronauts. Their encounter on a remote space station will have significant consequences for both species when a human male winds up impregnated.

Author Elia Barceló’s setup is funny and feminist, and it raises questions of what it means to be “male” or “female”—prescient, considering this novel was first published twenty-five years ago. The anniversary is being celebrated now with the first English-language edition, translated by veteran sci-fi translators Yolanda Molina-Gavilán and Andrea Bell, who also provide a critical introduction.

Natural Consequences : A Novel by Elia Barceló
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