My Only Wife by Jac Jemc


In her debut novel, Jac Jemc explores the question, “Do we make up our stories or do they make us?”

Ten years ago the narrator unlocked the door of a wrecked apartment, empty of any trace of his wife. As stunning as her disappearance is his response. He freezes on the facts of her, haunting his recollections. This is the story of a man unable to free himself enough from the idea of a woman to try to find her.

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“My Only Wife is a sneaky book. It guiles the reader with clean prose and apparent simplicity into believing that it’s a novel about the narrator’s only wife. It may be about many things – about absence, emptiness, and loss – but it really isn’t about the narrator’s only wife. It’s more like an empty glass from the cupboard, an abstraction, a form, and it invites us to fill it with particulars from our own experience.” —David Allan Barker,

“Jac Jemc has written a novel so wonderful that if it were a dish served at a social event, I would ask the hostess for the recipe.” –

“Jac Jemc’s novel My Only Wife is a brilliant, haunting, and heartbreaking debut that explores themes of loss and love.” –Large Hearted Boy

“The author sculpts her characters to reveal their bare form, which just happens to include their innermost flaws. She impressively closes the gap between objects and affects, emotion and experience, exactly what any attempt at accurately portraying our world requires.” –Smalldoggies Magazine

My Only Wife by Jac Jemc
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