MergEmerge: A Deck of Cards by Anne Germanacos


MergEmerge offers an alternative to habitual styles of thinking, encouraging the integration of things that are distinct and dissimilar. 52 intriguing images, 52 unique texts.

Combine cards in an open-ended solution to the question of narrative-making. 

Use a single card or a pair as focus for meditation, sparks of inspiration.  

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In this deck, no two cards are the same: 52 images, 52 texts. It’s an open-ended, playful experiment in the various possibilities of narrative-making. Use a single card as a spark for meditation, art work, a dance, prayer, or dialogue. Place two cards in conversation. Several cards can form a landscape of a narrative—text and image in a heart-to-heart exchange. In MERGEMERGE the emphasis is on the understanding—the revelation—that any two things, placed together, are in relationship, and thus hold potential to spark meaning, subtlety and depth. The challenge of these cards, like our challenge in the world, is to see, and in doing so forge connection where it’s not always obvious.

MergEmerge: A Deck of Cards by Anne Germanacos
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