Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero


A mad scientist’s concoction of H. P. Lovecraft, teen detectives, and a love of Americana, Edgar Cantero’s Meddling Kids is a story filled with rich horror, thrilling twists, outright hilarity, and surprising poignancy.

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Taking Lovecraft out of Lovecraft isn’t that hard. He wasn’t the only name in Weird Fiction, nor should he be the end all, be all for it. In comes Edgar Cantero, who masterfully twists weird fiction tropes around his finger, while looping them around the classic set-up of amateur teenage detectives. Only those teenagers are adults now, and all of them remain haunted and scarred by their last, unsolved case. With a rapid pace and delightful dialogue packed to the brim with humor and pop-culture references, Meddling Kids is absolutely a case worth solving. -Sylvie


In 1977, four teenagers and a dog—Andy (the tomboy), Nate (the nerd), Kerri (the bookworm), Peter (the jock), and Tim (the Weimaraner)—solved the mystery ofSleepy Lake. The trail of an amphibian monster terrorizing the quiet town of Blyton Hills leads the gang to spend a night in Deboën Mansion and apprehend a familiar culprit: a bitter old man in a mask.

Now, in 1990, the twenty-something former teen detectives are lost souls. Plagued by night terrors and Peter’s tragic death, the three survivors have been running from their demons. When the man they apprehended all those years ago makes parole, Andy tracks him down to confirm what she’s always known—they got the wrong guy. Now she’ll need to get the gang back together and return to Blyton Hills to find out what really happened in 1977, and this time, she’s sure they’re not looking for another man in a mask.

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
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