Malcriada & Other Stories by Lorraine Avila


In sixteen stories, Lorraine Avila takes her readers on a powerful journey that redefines breaking and healing. Twelve accompanying images by Crystal Rodriguez join in on the development of characters who pick their scabs and examine their wounds to arrive at their individual cures.

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In the middle of the Caribbean Sea, aboard an illegal voyage from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, a twelve year old learns her name; a former cacao farmer finds a constellation on his lover’s thighs; best friends become strangers and find the essence of themselves in the face of deception; an old man exchanges his homeland for a New York City bodega storefront; preteen boys grapple with authority; female cousins come to terms with their first shared sexual experience; an alcoholic woman finds serenity at the bottom of the sea; feminism is deconstructed by opposing views; on the back of a motorcycle, self awareness is found; and a woman discovers that healing is a series of choices.

Malcriada & Other Stories by Lorraine Avila