Love Like That : Stories by Emma Duffy-Comparone


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These stories are forebodingly human, bad decisions and complicated relationships furrowing between everyday events and simple prose.

The women who populate this collection have lost a vision of themselves – sometimes placed on them by society, sometimes of their own making – and now they must sort out who they want to be. Sometimes they try, albeit out of duty rather than desire (see: “The Package Deal”), while other times the effort might be too much, their desires looming over all other choices (see: “Sure, Fine”).

In the vein of writing about broken women whose lives careen between guilt and resentment and the possibility of something “better” – whatever “better” means – what sets this collection apart is Duffy-Comparone’s irreverent voice, statements as darkly humorous as they are cutting.

– Miranda <3

For readers of Lorrie Moore and Mary Gaitskill, Love Like That is a collection of joyfully subversive and moving stories about brilliant, broken women that are just the right amount wrong

Whether diving into complicated relationships or wrestling with family ties, the girls and women who populate this collection—misfits and misanthropes, bickering sisters, responsible daughters, and unhappy wives—don’t always find themselves making the best decisions. A woman struggles with a new kind of love triangle when she moves in with a divorced dad. A lonely teenage beach attendant finds uneasy comradeship with her boss. A high school English teacher gets pushed to her limits when a student plagiarizes. Often caught between desire and duty, guilt and resentment, these characters discover what it means to get lost in love, and do what it takes to find themselves again. Utterly singular and wholly unforgettable, Duffy-Comparone’s stories manage to be slyly, wickedly funny at even their darkest turns and herald the arrival of an irreverent and dazzling new voice.

Love Like That : Stories by Emma Duffy-Comparone