Little Scratch by Rebecca Watson


“I couldn’t put it down…Reading little scratch has broken my heart and opened my mind.”—Jenny Slate

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What Our Bookseller Says:

“Forewarning: cancel all your plans.

This book is stream-of-consciousness at its peak. Every remarkable or mundane or intrusive thought the protagonist has over the course of a day is on the page. The plot is both acutely painful and yet, simple: this is a woman in the aftermath of an assault.

This is a difficult book, an enigmatic shape-shifting brain of a book.

There are no stopping points, no breaks for you or the unnamed protagonist who could be anyone; she could be you or me. Her thoughts and actions are as disjointed as what initially feels like a jumbled mess of prose, columns and rows and broken words begging your eye to flit back and forth. The author never sensationalizes rape; she lets the book’s structure do the work. At first disorienting and then riveting, this is masterful.”

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TW: rape, assault

What the Publisher Says:

In the formally innovative tradition of Grief Is the Thing with Feathers and Ducks, Newburyport comes a dazzlingly original, shot-in-the-arm of a debut that reveals a young woman’s every thought over the course of one deceptively ordinary day.

She wakes up, goes to work. Watches the clock and checks her phone. But underneath this monotony there’s something else going on: something under her skin.

Relayed in interweaving columns that chart the feedback loop of memory, the senses, and modern distractions with wit and precision, our narrator becomes increasingly anxious as the day moves on: Is she overusing the heart emoji? Isn’t drinking eight glasses of water a day supposed to fix everything? Why is the etiquette of the women’s bathroom so fraught? How does she define rape? And why can’t she stop scratching?

Fiercely moving and slyly profound, little scratch is a defiantly playful look at how our minds function in—and survive—the darkest moments.

Little Scratch by Rebecca Watson