Little Genius Inventions by Joe Rhatigan


With Little Genius books, curious kids can learn and laugh while being captivated by the world around them. 

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first inventions book for little geniuses!

An inventor is a dreamer
with a very curious mind,
who comes up with something new
to help out humankind.

Learn All About Inventions! From quills to computers, light bulbs and airplanes and more, Little Genius Inventions is the perfect first inventions book for little learners with big imaginations. Each spread features amazing inventions, such as books, computers, DaVinci’s helicopter, toothbrushes, and more. Also covered are inventions that didn’t work out (car boats and flying submarines), Rube Goldberg machines, inventions that were mistakes (potato chips), and inventions to look out for in the future (hovercrafts and jetpacks).

With joyful artwork from illustrator Jomike Tejido and simple rhyming text, children will enjoy reading and re-reading this educational and fun book!

Little Genius Inventions by Joe Rhatigan