Literally Show Me A Healthy Person By Darcie Wilder


It’s a book of grief and anxiety, of questions and confessions. One that explores the way pain and anxiety can be simultaneously public and private, constant but not always at the top of a person’s mind. A book that asks: what if the words we angrily (or drunkenly) tap out on our phones, that we save as notes, or send to ex lovers, or post publicly on social media, the ones we send without bothering to correct for typos, are the words we mean the most?

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Our Bookseller says:

“‘Recently I’ve begun closing my eyes mid-sentence, as a nice little break for both parties’

If you value your sanity, I highly suggest you stop reading beyond this point. plz, I’m begging. Last chance. There are so many bad words—sorry, mom. r u OK? OK? I guess you could call this a novel? Here, insta user @cumcumcumcumcumcumcumcum (that’s cum x8, for the record) comes at you with the full raging id of Twitter. Only the hottest, most nihilistic content. God, this is like the perfect book for your asshole friends on Twitter. Maybe it’s written by them. Hi, Roi. nvm tbh they’re never going to read this jk, you’re a beautiful fucking angel Again, I’m so sorry for the swear words but I swear it only gets worse from Remember: “1 cat = 14 rats” or “Be the ‘crazy ex girlfriend’ you want ur ex’s new girl to want to be friends with” or “Sometimes my dad talks to me like I’ve never been retweeted by good charlotte” or whatever I’m so sorry”

– Mason

Literally Show Me A Healthy Person By Darcie Wilder