Later by Paul Lisicky


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“Caesar hair cuts and calf muscles. The intimacy of using baby powder to peel your lover out of a latex go-go suit. Twin birthday parties where one b-day boy is clamoring for social currency and the other is cursing everybody from his wheelchair, bitter with HIV/AIDS. Lisicky invites readers into a vulnerable and intimate moment of discovery in his life—and the structures of supposed queer haven, Provincetown. A blunter and less romanticized look at sex than, say, Garth Greenwell’s Cleanness, but just as smart and human and needing. After all, this isn’t hedonism but a matter of LIVING with jüj despite everything the world throws at you. Accordingly, Lisicky is backhanded in his honesty, honest in his longing, and funny and sassy as hell. He can pin down other people’s inner workings as easily as breathing. He asks: what, really, is community and connection—what do we owe each other, as friends, as lovers, as queers? And of course, reader, he asks us to consider: who am I?

For further reading, check out T Fleischmann’s Time is the Thing a Body Moves Through and/or Closer to the Knives by David Wojnarowicz.”

– Mason

Later by Paul Lisicky