Kitra (The Kitra Saga #1) by Gideon Marcus


Stranded in space: no fuel, no way home…and no one coming to help.

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Nineteen-year-old Kitra Yilmaz dreams of traveling the galaxy like her Ambassador mother. But soaring in her glider is the closest she can get to touching the stars–until she stakes her inheritance on a salvage Navy spaceship. On its shakedown cruise, Kitra’s ship plunges into hyperspace, stranding Kitra and her crew light years away.

Tensions rise between Kitra and her shipmates: the handsome programmer, Fareedh; Marta, biologist and Kitra’s ex-girlfriend; Peter, the panicking engineer, and the oddball alien navigator, Pinky.

Now, running low on air and food, it’ll take all of them working together to get back home.

Kitra (The Kitra Saga #1) by Gideon Marcus
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