Kids’ Earth Day Surprise Box




Give the gift of imagination and ignite a sense of wonder about forest conservation and the importance of trees to communities. Stuffed with books and activities, this box keeps the fun, learning, and conversation going long after the books have ended.

Curated by our very own booksellers, this box contains books – a choose-your-own-adventure guide to saving the rainforest? an introduction to Wangari Maathai? an adventure through a Cuban jungle? a tale, illustrated on stone paper, about the very last tree? – and a hands-on STEAM activity that is sure to spark curiosity and entertain the child in your life.

The Details:

  • Boxes are divided by age; please choose the range appropriate for the child in your life.
  • The book selections often feature characters and families whose stories and voices are under-represented in children’s books; depending on the subject, one of the books might be an activity book (coloring, math, coding, etc).
Kids’ Earth Day Surprise Box

Additional information

Age Range

4-8, 8-12

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