Just In Case You Want To Fly by Julie Fogliano & Christian Robinson


Everything you might need to fly…or sing…or laugh. Just in case.

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just in case you want to fly
here’s some wind
and here’s the sky

Funny and sweet, told with lyrical text and bright, unexpected illustrations, Just in Case You Want to Fly is a celebration of heading off on new adventures-and of knowing your loved ones will always have your back when you need them.

A joyful, inclusive cast of children fly, sing, and wish their way across the pages, with everything they could ever need-a cherry if you need a snack, and if you get itchy here’s a scratch on the back-to explore the world around them. Christian Robinson’s bold illustrations bring out the humor and warmth of the poetic text, teasing out new meanings and adding delightful details that will have you turning the pages again and again.

Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson, the creators of the award-winning When’s My Birthday?, have teamed up again to create a perfect book to share with the little ones you love-to give them everything they need to go out into the world, and reassure them you’ll always be waiting to welcome them home.

Just In Case You Want To Fly by Julie Fogliano & Christian Robinson
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