Invisible As Air by Zoe Fishman


For readers of Jodi Picoult and Jamie Attenberg, this provocative and powerful novel from the bestselling author of Inheriting Edith explores the meaning of family, the invisibility of addiction, and the unpredictability and all-encompassing nature of grief.

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Sylvie Snow is a hard-working career woman, wife and mother who lives in a beautiful house and drives a beautiful car. She moisturizes regularly and wears expensive clothes. She does the grocery shopping, the laundry, the scheduling, the schlepping and the PTA-ing. She’s planning a Bar Mitzvah for her movie-loving twelve year old son, Teddy, even though he’s wholly disinterested in it. She’s also newly addicted to the Oxycontin intended for her husband, Paul who has just broken his ankle.

For three years, Sylvie has repressed her grief about the heartbreaking stillbirth of her daughter, Delilah. On the morning of the anniversary of her death, when she just can’t face doing one…more…thing: she takes one—just one—of her husband’s discarded pain pills. And suddenly she feels patient, kinder, and miraculously relaxed. She tells herself that the pills are temporary, just a gift, and that when the supply runs out she’ll go back to her regularly scheduled programming.

But days turn into weeks, and Sylvie slips slowly into a nightmare. At first, Paul and Teddy are completely unaware, but this changes quickly as her desperate choices reveal her desperate state. As the Bar Mitzvah nears, all three of them must face the void within themselves, both alone and together.

Invisible As Air by Zoe Fishman
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