I Wish I Could Be Peter Falk by Paul Zits


An intimate poetic interrogation of restrictive masculinity from award-winning author Paul Zits

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Stressed, depressed, overproduced, and in crisis. What’s a man to do? Read GQ, order a nylon bomber jacket, search for a new societal role. Practice channeling, watch First Blood again, check Idris Elba’s Instagram, shop for graphic knits. Look the outfit with ultimate potential, the suit and the watch to out-alpha them all, the cologne that makes other men jealous and drives women wild, create the face that opens every door.

I Wish I Could Be Peter Falk interrogates masculinity, tearing apart its societal expressions to discover its fragile construction. It challenges the ways masculinity is created and commodified, from the celebrates held up as ideal men the media that sculpts expectations of and for men, setting rules for how to feel, how to think, how to dress, what to drive.

Challenging and enlightening, these poems speak candidly, and pose important and complex questions that too often go unasked. Unafraid of taboos, they speak candidly to tradition and conformity, to mental health, to the ways masculinity can be twisted and weaponized. I Wish I Could Be Peter Falk is both a sensitive exploration of masculinity in the modern world and a warning of the dangers that persist when the commodification of gender goes unchecked.

I Wish I Could Be Peter Falk by Paul Zits