How Spaceships Work 1 by Lonely Planet


Blast off into the cosmos with the latest title in the popular ‘How Things Work’ series which includes How Cities Work, How Airports Work, How Trains Work and How Ships Work – books that reveal the inner workings of familiar places and vehicles.

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Blast off into the cosmos as we explore the ultimate vehicles: spaceships. Featuring illustrations by James Gulliver Hancock, this book shows how rockets launch, how we got to the Moon (and back), how rovers explore the surface of Mars, how probes reach the outer Solar System and more. Gatefolds and flaps will reveal spaceships’ inner workings.

Featuring fantastic illustrations by James Gulliver Hancock, this title explores the ultimate vehicles: spaceships – how they do what they do, what they’re used for and their development through history. Spreads will look at how rockets blast off into space, how people were sent to the Moon and back, how space centres prepare spaceships and astronauts for amazing adventures across the cosmos. It will also look at all different types of spacecraft: space stations and satellites orbiting Earth, rovers trundling over the surface of Mars, and probes travelling at thousands of miles per second through the outer reaches of the Solar System on incredible journeys of discovery.


  • Leaving Earth: The history of spaceflight
  • Satellites
  • Rockets
  • Manned Spaceflights
  • Space Probes
  • Landers
  • Moon Missions
  • Rovers
  • Space Centres
  • Space Telescopes
  • Space Stations
  • Spaceships of the Future
How Spaceships Work 1 by Lonely Planet
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