Home by Toni Morrison


In this brief and searing novel, Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison channels the historic sweep and dramatic heft that animated Beloved and A Mercy into a twentieth-century tale of redemption.

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Home is the story of a brother and sister who are profoundly lost, divided from each other and from themselves. When Frank Money joined the army to escape his too-small world he left behind his cherished and fragile little sister, Cee; after the war, his shattered life has no purpose until he hears that Cee is in danger. In Frank’s cross-country quest to rescue his sister, Toni Morrison masterfully compresses the rich sprawl of epic into the urgent tautness of fable.

Frank is adrift and deeply haunted, a modern Odysseus returning from war to a 1950s America mined with lethal pitfalls for an unwary black man. But the most fearsome demons he faces are those of his own past—both the horrors of combat and the traumas of a childhood in the Deep South. As he journeys back to his native Georgia in search of Cee, it becomes clear that their troubles began well before their wartime separation. Together, they return to the source, to their rural hometown of Lotus, where buried secrets are unearthed and hard truths faced. Here is where Frank learns at last what it means to be a man, what it takes to heal, and—above all—what it means to come home.

Home by Toni Morrison
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