Highway B: Horrorfest by Brantly Martin


Highway B: Horrorfest is the first in a 16-book cycle exploring the various dimensions found along Highway B. The stories are transportive and sui generis; a blend of Sci-Fi, speculative fiction and futurism, they provide the same jolt one gets upon first reading Borges, Calvino and Kawabata.

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Highway B: Horrorfest is a collection of short stories exploring diagonal dimensions that, to varying degrees, are aware of and influenced by one another. The stories take place on a planet—or within the notion of a planet as communal hallucinatory canvas—referred to as B.

Readers are guided through simulation gulags and simulation resorts, introduced to a bestiary, brought into sex parties and brothels that might be myths and might be extinction events, and given a curated history of the tribes, artificial intelligence, religions, iconoclasts, scientific and spiritual illusions that shape these dimensions. All of this is experienced under the influence of various lunar dusts that remove filters onto reality.

Highway B: Horrorfest by Brantly Martin