A woman creeps through the ductwork of a quiet home. A medical procedure reveals an object of worship. A carnivorous reptile divides and cauterizes a town. Amelia Gray’s curio cabinet expands in Gutshot, where isolation and coupling are pushed to their dark and outrageous edges. These singular stories live and breathe on their own, pulsating with energy and humanness and a glorious sense of humor. Hers are stories that you will read and reread—raw gems that burrow into your brain, reminders of just how strange and beautiful our world is. These collected stories come to us like a vivisected body, the whole that is all the more elegant and breathtaking for exploring its most grotesque and intimate lightless viscera.

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Our Bookseller says:

Gutshot is a GROSS collection of short stories. It’s kinda like running full-tilt through a carnival sideshow. Amelia Gray deals heavily in flesh and its imperfections: bile, pus, viscera, and other gooey horrors spill over every page. And it’s utterly fantastic. Gray dissects the human psyche in tandem with the body, using the horrible squishiness to incite a delirium where we can understand the revelations that she yanks from the muck. With prose like an electric shock, a keen sense of humor, and a huge sack of devastating truths, Gutshot is a riveting book that I would recommend to anyone…. except, perhaps, for the squeamish.” – Terry