Guerra en la Penumbra: Cuentos por Daniel Alarcon


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The 2003 New Yorker Debut Fiction Issue story “City of Clowns” gave us but a hint of an extraordinary young writer’s burgeoning talents—introducing, Daniel Alarcon and his highly anticipated collection

Something is happening around the globe: the mass movement of peoples, dislocations of language and culture in the wake of war and economic crises simply put, our world is changing. In this exquisite collection, Daniel Alarcon takes the reader , from Third World urban centers to the fault lines which divide nations and peoples, personalizing the shifting realities of our own contemporary world.

These nine stories examine the lives of various characters in transition-from unrepentant terrorists to immigrants wrestling with the idea of never returning home-en and women never entirely free of the convulsive conditions that define their lives. Wars, both national and internal, are waged in jungles, across borders, in the streets of Lima, in the intimacy of New York apartments.

Daniel Alarcon is a brilliant new voice in literary fiction, and this collection is a beautiful, vital, and luminous showcase of his writing.

Guerra en la Penumbra: Cuentos por Daniel Alarcon
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