Ghosting: A Widow’s Voyage Out by Barbara Ascher


Winner of Pushcart’s Editors Book Award,Ghosting is a love story that is as much about life as it is about death.

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Married at a young age to an older man , neither he nor she doubted that he would predecease her; but she discovers that there is no preparing for the loss a beloved. Their marriage was a passionate 35 year love affair, as if the odds against its longevity engendered a rare intensity. She discovers that love has no boundaries, grief is not eternal and ?her husband’s motto “Life is a love story” is so very true.

Ascher writes passionately about her unlikely marriage, her husband’s illness and death and her ensuing sorrow. A witness to the insanity that grief visits upon its victims with a seeming determination to destroy, she gazes straight into the eye of grief and does not blink. In time she moves beyond that grief – her voyage out.

Ghosting is, by turns, moving and funny, tender and brutal .

The wonder of Ghosting is that Ascher, like Montaigne, calls forth Everyman.

Ghosting: A Widow’s Voyage Out by Barbara Ascher