Gentlemen Callers by Corinne Hoex


“I would consider it scandalous if Hoex’s fiction is still unknown in the world literature canon ten years down the road.” — Lee Yew Leong, Asymptote Journal

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Gentlemen Callers is, to put it vulgarly, a wet dream journal. Our nameless narrator finds herself transformed — into an octopus, a pot of stew, a verdant forest, a babbling fountain — each night for erotic encounters with men known only by their job titles. Hoex seduces readers through the diaphanous haze of dream with prose that’s light, evocative, and titillating: the clumsy literality that bodice rippers deal in is a far cry from the playful abstraction you’ll find in these pages. An enigmatic collection of sexy, sexy vignettes executed without a misstep, perfect for a quick fun read… but maybe save it for when there aren’t too many people around.

– Terry

Every night when she goes to sleep, a woman dreams of erotic encounters with different men. She dreams of being the sponge squeezed to foaming in a gas station attendant’s hand, and of twining her bare skin with a sea lion’s thick pelt under the watchful eye of the sea lion trainer. From a gas station attendant to a sea lion trainer, a watchmaker to a teacher, a furrier to an astrologer, each evening’s new encounter is more sensual and extravagant than the last.

Gentlemen Callers by Corinne Hoex