Fungi of the Far Realms by Alex R. Clements and Shuyi Zhang


Fungi of the Far Realms is a guide to over 200 fantastical mushrooms. Each mushroom is lavishly illustrated in traditional watercolour and annotated by the esteemed fictional mycologist E. Q. Wintergarden, creating a diegetic field guide of such indulgent quality as to put most real world examples to shame.

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Fungi of the Far Realms is a tabletop role-playing game supplement/illustrated encyclopaedia chock to the gills with fictional mushrooms. Each entry is ready to run with your favourite fantasy game or simply to be read and enjoyed in a good wingback chair by the fire.

Written by Alex Clements and illustrated by Shuyi Zhang, each of its many entries represent the idiosyncratic field notes of celebrated fictional mycologist E.Q. Wintergarden, making the book an in-game artefact you can hand your players.

The book is system agnostic, with a mild preference towards your typical fantasy RPG, but is robust enough for most uses you could think of. The majority of the book is the titular guide book Fungi of the Far Realms and the rest is mechanical assistance in using these mushrooms in your home games.

‘I love the singular focus and commitment to an idea that Fungi of the Far Realms offers. It raises eyebrows and confuses people. It looks and feels like an esoteric book you find at an estate sale or in the nether reaches of a second-hand book store, where you pick it up and wonder why it even exists. But beyond novelty, there is solid usability here. It’s one of the most unique RPG tomes  I own, and I treasure it for that.’ There Will Be Games

If it wasn’t clear from the above this thing is amazing, both as a book and as an object. From a functional perspective, the amount of content it can inject into your games is frankly astounding, and its gorgeous production makes it a joy just to read and use. -Pixeldie

Fungi of the Far Realms by Alex R. Clements and Shuyi Zhang