From Knowledge to Power by John Perona


Life on Earth as we know it will change dramatically if the global temperature exceeds 2.0 degrees Celsius, but together we have the power to stop it. Politics and science collide as we learn what it really means to be an advocate for the environment.

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The Earth is slowly heating up, and only we, as a global community, can stop it. With the knowledge behind what is happening, we can effect change. Using his Ph.D in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale and his LL.M in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from the Northwestern College of Law at Lewis & Clark University, Dr. John Perona takes us on a journey into the science and politics of the climate crisis.
Dr. Perona unites the basic science of climate change, the rise of green technologies, and the political implications of climate science to present a concise guide to the critical facts of climate change. He offers actionable tips on how to engage with scientific leaders, government officials, community leaders, and individuals like you and me. Dr. Perona offers a grounded, optimistic outlook for humanity, but only if we engage with science and act with knowledge.

From Knowledge to Power by John Perona