Exquisite Mariposa by Fiona Alison Duncan


In the aftermath of a reality TV deal gone wrong, Fiona Alison Duncan asks the question: can you rewrite your life? The answer, her debut novel Exquisite Mariposa, follows a cast of housemates as they navigate questions of art making and economies, breakups and breakdowns, and the internet and its many obsessions.

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“While undergoing a Saturn Return, an astrological transit lasting approximately three years that occurs near the end of one’s twenties, the narrator of this diaristic novel moves into a communal house in Los Angeles and signs her private life away to reality-television producers. Feeling trapped by an abusive relationship, the narrator, who shares the author’s initials and calls herself ‘a method writer,’ takes refuge in a state of living that she terms ‘the Real.’ As she explores the realm’s qualities—a favorite Instagram-based artist is Real, she rules; life under late capitalism is not—wordplay and sonic games abound.” ––The New Yorker

Exquisite Mariposa by Fiona Alison Duncan
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