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What if we said you could discover a new-to-you book every month, drink several cups-worth of coffee or tea, and access the discussion part of a book club without ever leaving your home?
Choose a book below to get started on your next reading adventure with us!


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What if we said you could discover a new book, drink several cups-worth of coffee or tea, and access the discussion part of a book club without ever leaving your home?

What if we told you the books are handpicked by us, the coffee/tea is local, and you can take part (or not) in the discussion whenever you want?

Well, you can and they are! Epilogue’s Read of the Month Club is now a monthly subscription service where you can choose:

  • one of three books handpicked by our booksellers
  • bag of Carrboro Coffee Roasters coffee, a Jeddah’s Tea tin, or a 6oz box of Killer Toffee
  • to participate in our virtual discussion boards for each book

What you can expect from us:

  • time-buried treasures, small press discoveries, queer characters, dark humor, underrepresented voices, not-canon-but-should-be classics, absurdist themes, books in translation…basically, a collection of the non-traditional titles you know we love
  • the occasional surprise (chocolate bars, anyone?)
  • free shipping
  • an email at the end of each month reminding you to choose your next pick (while your subscription lasts)

Pick a book below to get started on your next reading adventure!

March’s Book Choices:

Book 1: Octavia’s Brood : Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements edited by Walidah Imarisha & adrienne maree brown

Octavia’s Brood is an anthology of visionary fiction that collects work from social justice organizers of all stripes*, even those who are new to writing fiction! Titled to honor and invoke Octavia Butler, these pages are a north star guiding us to a much-needed radical imagination.

Walidah Imarisha says that “all organizing is science fiction” in her Introduction and adrienne maree brown echoes that sentiment in the Outro, but in between lies the proof: 20 sci-fi stories that put marginalized voices in conversation with one another to craft worlds beyond colonialism and capitalism.

*(In my personal favorite piece, Mumia Abu-Jamal writes about Star Wars from prison).”


Book 2: Starling Days: A Novel by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

“There is no simple answer to any one of the questions Hisayo Buchanan poses in this stark, genuine story of depression, love, and bisexuality.

Should we expect the person we love to save us from ourselves? How much is too much? Can love overwhelm despair?

The monotony of depression bristles under the skin of each sentence, joy replaced by the daily wear and tear on both the person who is sick and the person who loves them. We follow both Mina and Oscar, two sides of the same cut, as he first seeks to alleviate Mina’s sadness and then leaves her to cope, to protect himself. The only thread that keeps this book, and Mina, from teetering over the edge of hopelessness is how she continues to seek happiness; whether in her black jeans, in tearing down wallpaper, in falling hard and fast for a woman, she wants to find it.

None of the characters are monsters, all of them are human. Remember: there is no simple answer.”


TW: suicidal ideation

Book 3: Sincerely, by F.S. Yousaf

“While Sincerely, starts with almost a homage to Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur, the pages progressively take a turn and get better and better.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to fall in love, these poems walk you through it. In modern language, this is the physical representation of “that good love.” Infatuation, puppy love, at times codependency, but in this romance is one of the purest and healthiest loves I have ever experienced through poetry.”


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