Epilogue’s Steeped Stories Society

What if we said you could discover a new-to-you book every month, drink several cups-worth of coffee or tea, and access the discussion part of a book club without ever leaving your home?
Choose a book below to get started on your next reading adventure with us!


What if we said you could discover a new book, drink several cups-worth of coffee or tea, and access the discussion part of a book club without ever leaving your home?

What if we told you the books are handpicked by us, the coffee/tea is local, and you can take part (or not) in the discussion whenever you want?

Well, you can and they are! Epilogue’s Read of the Month Club is now a monthly subscription service where you can choose:

  • one of three books handpicked by our booksellers
  • bag of Carrboro Coffee Roasters coffee, a Jeddah’s Tea tin, or a 6oz box of Killer Toffee
  • to participate in our virtual discussion boards for each book

What you can expect from us:

  • time-buried treasures, small press discoveries, queer characters, dark humor, underrepresented voices, not-canon-but-should-be classics, absurdist themes, books in translation…basically, a collection of the non-traditional titles you know we love
  • the occasional surprise (chocolate bars, anyone?)
  • free shipping
  • an email at the end of each month reminding you to choose your next pick (while your subscription lasts)

Pick a book below to get started on your next reading adventure!

March’s Book Choices:

Book 1: Lotería by Mario Alberto Zambrano

“54 cards. 54 different stories that come to life before your very eyes.

Feel Latin America through the pages of Lotería. Anything from murderers, to ghosts, to vampires—anything is fair game. It’s spooky season all year round. ”



Book 2: Night at the Fiestas by Kirstin Valdez Quade

“Plunge into the souls of unforgettable characters as they search for identities of their own, sometimes thwarting those hoisted on their shoulders by society, sometimes by those they love.

One story, “Jubilee,” centers on a young woman whose edges have been sharpened by a community that considered her less than; now, as an adult, those same edges carve her every interaction, her desires and her flaws. She is complex, the cuts she makes as formative as the ones she endures.

And, not to spoil anything, but another brilliant, aching story—this one about Amadeo and his family—is the ember that has become a full flame in Valdez Quade’s novel The Five Wounds, out March 30.”


Book 3: When I Grow Up I Want to be a List of Further Possibilities by Chen Chen

“This is a book that will grab you by the heart and refuse to let go. Conversations of love, loss, growth, hatred, family, acceptance, and every in-between are wrapped around Chen Chen’s identity as a queer son of a Chinese immigrant family.

In short, a piece of art by a talent who deserves to be known by all.”


Epilogue’s Steeped Stories Society