Egyptian Myths & Legends: Tales of Heroes, Gods & Monsters


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The perfect introduction to the gods, traditions and culture of Ancient Egypt, bound in a seductive, collectable edition.

Gorgeous Collector’s Edition. The Myths of Ancient Egypt are tied intimately to the presence and natural rhythms of the Nile. With their animalistic mythology, the Egyptians explained the effects of famine, harvest, floods and death by creating a pantheon of gods that still holds our fascination today. This new book of classic tales brings the stories of the ancients to life, from the birth of creation by Ra, the sun god, to the murder of Osiris, and the revenge of Horus. We gain glimpses of the underworld and the afterlife, as the rulers of Egypt claimed lineage from the Gods both worshipped and fashioned by the people of Egypt, at a time when humankind had begun to shape the world around it,

Egyptian Myths & Legends: Tales of Heroes, Gods & Monsters