Eclogues in a Mustard Seed Garden by Glenn Mott


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Transcendent, paradoxical, exuberant with contrariety, Glenn Mott’s epigrams mix the sacred with the profane, humor with compassion, recasting pastoral verse for twenty-first century readers.

“A quiver of eclogues, couplets, Zen epigrams, and you-name-it literary mischief. The fun is all ours.” –Foreword Reviews

“Mott’s whiplash insights are as provocative as coiled springs.” —Douglas Crase

“Mott’s lyrical antics embody poetry at its most earnest and parodic, a deadly potion stolen from the fountain of imagination.” —Yunte Huang

Glenn Mott’s Eclogues recast a classic pastoral form, making it uniquely suited to our times. He considers the inheritance of authority with a mixture of candor and humor in observations on social, natural, and metaphysical transactions. Inspired by China’s Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden, these epigrams, poems, and prose meditations achieve a heightened perception, transcending the garden variety truths of both East and West.

Eclogues in a Mustard Seed Garden by Glenn Mott
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