Dream Sequence by Adam Foulds


A bloodcurdling drama about psychological damage, stalking, and the perils of celebrity.

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Henry became famous starring in The Grange, a television drama beloved by mothers and wives, and whose fans speak about the characters as though they were real people . . . Yet Henry dreams of escaping the small screen. An audition for a movie directed by a highly respected Spanish auteur holds the promise of a way forward. Whether holed up in his apartment eating monkish meals of rice and steamed vegetables or snorting cocaine at desert parties in Doha, Henry’s awareness of his own image, of his relative place in the world, is acute and constant.

But Henry has also—unwittingly—become an important part of the life of the recently divorced Kristin. He appears repeatedly on the television in her beautiful, empty Philadelphia house, and her social media feeds bring news of his London home, his family. What Kristin wants is simply to get as close to him in real life as she has in her fandom.

Adam Foulds’s Dream Sequence offers us, through the meticulously observed lives of this contemporary Echo and Narcissus, a stunning and finally terrifying vision of what it is to live at this current moment, with the borders between our inner and outer lives made porous by a world full of flickering screens both large and small.

Dream Sequence by Adam Foulds
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