Don’t Let Them See Me Like This by Jasmine Gibson


An incendiary debut poetry collection that tears into the thick skin of political malaise through to the guts of history.

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In DON’T LET THEM SEE ME LIKE THIS, Jasmine Gibson explores myriad intersectional identities in relation to The State, disease, love, sex, failure and triumph. Speaking to those who feel disillusioned by bothradical and banal spaces and inspired/informed by moments of political crisis: Hurricane Katrina, The Jena Six, the extrajudicial killings of Black people, and the periods of insurgency that erupted in response, this book acts as a synthesis of political life and poetic form.

Our bookseller says:

“This book will have you reading a poem multiple times and you will find a new meaning each time. A intricate mix of longing, politics, sensuality expressed throughout the book. As you read you cant help but ask yourself how something so political, specifically the voices of those who have been oppressed can be juxtaposed to the body and sexuality. Poetry that calls tor examination of present day society in a way I had never seen before.”


Don’t Let Them See Me Like This by Jasmine Gibson
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