Dominicana by Angie Cruz


In the vein of ANOTHER BROOKLYN and AMERICANAH, a novel about a Dominican teenager’s arranged marriage and immigration to New York City, set in the 1960s and inspired by the author’s mother.

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Our Bookseller says:

“One of those books you don’t put down until you finish it, not because the plot is fast-paced or high concept, but because you are so deeply invested in the characters and their outcomes.

We follow Ana, a fifteen-year-old girl married off to a much older man, as she must learn about a certain kind of life in America. Her view of the world is narrow, widening and winnowing again with her curiosity and the consequences of it. This coming-of-age exists on the fine line between struggle and family, sacrifice and love. Ana’s entire existence is precarious, teetering on choices – many of them not her own. Cruz’s commitment to reality shines through each scene, none stronger than the book’s ending.”


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Dominicana by Angie Cruz
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