Disclose by Joelle Charbonneau


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Meri Buckley—or Meri Adams, as her new ID labels her—has lost everything.

Her mother to a fight much bigger than herself. Her father to grief, fear, and denial. And the truth—to an overbearing government that insists that censorship and secrecy are the only path to peace.

But though Meri and her band of truth-seeking Stewards did lose the first battle in their quest to enlighten the public, they have not yet lost the war.

They’ve learned that society isn’t ready for the whole truth—so Meri is determined to find a way to spoon-feed the public the facts.

That is, if those behind the country’s insidious system of big lies and bogus laws don’t kill her first.

Fans of the Gone series and the Warcross series will devour Joelle Charbonneau’s latest whip-smart commentary on today’s world.

Disclose by Joelle Charbonneau
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