Dead Collections by Isaac Fellman


A whirlwind romance between an eccentric archivist and a grieving widow explores what it means to be at home in your own body in this clever, humorous, and heartfelt novel.

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Our Bookseller says:

Add this to the pantheon of fiction about messy LGBT protagonists. Dead Collections sets itself apart by incorporating fandom inside the story with how the characters engage in it pertaining to their identities but, by also breaking the 4th wall and having you as the reader look the characters like you’re researching to write a fanfic about them by looking at their fan wikia. If you’re looking for an introspective book with a bit of campy and experiment, pick this one up!

– Ndobe

Our Bookseller also says:

“Not that I was ever an adolescent, but I had the tenderness of one. That’s what it’s like to be a trans child and not know it. You have all the fragility of adolescence, but none of its resilience, the clever cartilage that always grows back.”

Dead Collections is a romance between a transmasc vampire and the fandom-entrenched widow of his favorite TV writer. It’s also:

  • a ghost story
  • a thoughtful exploration into the idea of archival neutrality
  • about what a crush really MEANS
  • a look at the rules that govern and oppress bodies (human and vampiric alike)

As a genderqueer, chronically ill wannabe archivist with depression and a freaky low body temperature, it’s both delightful and terrifying to be micropandered to. Isaac Fellman, are you reading my diary?

Good Housekeeping Magazine called Dead Collections one of the “Best Romance Novels of All Time to Get You in the Mood,” the author calls it “a book about a trans man having…. an emotional breakdown and thinking about tits.” I love a book that contains multitudes. – Terry

When archivist Sol meets Elsie, the larger than life widow of a moderately famous television writer who’s come to donate her wife’s papers, there’s an instant spark. But Sol has a secret: he suffers from an illness called vampirism, and hides from the sun by living in his basement office. On their way to falling in love, the two traverse grief, delve into the Internet fandom they once unknowingly shared, and navigate the realities of transphobia and the stigmas of carrying the “vampire disease.”

Then, when strange things start happening at the collection, Sol must embrace even more of the unknown to save himself and his job. DEAD COLLECTIONS is a wry novel full of heart and empathy, that celebrates the journey, the difficulties and joys, in finding love and comfort within our own bodies.

Dead Collections by Isaac Fellman