Days of Distraction by Alexandra Chang


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“There’s this quote from a show: “I think I might be the voice of my generation. Or, at least, a voice of a generation.”

That’s a big statement, and in the case of the show, an absurd one.

It is, however, not a statement this book makes so much as it embodies it. Life as a mid-millennial splatters across these pages, short paragraphs bursting from one thought to the next in a metaphor for our narrator’s state of mind as well as the “distractions” that afflict our generation. Her “distractions” range from the small (technology that makes disconnecting from former life choices nearly impossible) to the consumerist (she’s a tech writer, compiling blurbs on new gadgets) to the big (she moves, changes her career, and explores both her identity as a Chinese-American on her own as well as within an interracial relationship).

From cultural references (Land Before Time; Are You Afraid of the Dark?) to razor-sharp and humorous writing, this book is the most relatable work I’ve come across.”

<3 Miranda

Days of Distraction by Alexandra Chang