Choose Your Adventure: Staycation Boxes $60


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Staying home for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t go anywhere. Choose one of the five trips below and we’ll pick a book that takes you there. You’ll also receive some treats for the journey that support other local businesses.

These books are trips for the wanderers and wonderers, the explorers and travelers who want to experience a place in a new way.

Each box contains:

  • Two Paperback Books
    • One that transports you to the following:
      • The Beach
      • The Wild / Rural
      • The City / Urban Exploring
      • A Road Trip
      • A Whole New World (sci-fi/fantasy)
    • One by a Southern author or set in North Carolina
  • Carrboro Coffee Roasters beans or Jeddah’s Tea tin
  • 6oz Killer Toffee
  • Black Mountain Chocolate Bar
Choose Your Adventure: Staycation Boxes $60

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Choose your adventure

The Beach, The Wild / Rural, The City / Urban Exploring, A Road Trip, A Whole New World (sci-fi/fantasy)

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