Chemistry by Weike Wang


The luminous, PEN/Hemingway Award-winning debut novel from an important new voice in fiction: Chemistry follows a young Chinese American woman who must discover what she really wants before her life can truly begin.

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“Begin for the structure, finish it for the character. The unnamed protagonist careens through this part of her life with equal parts denial, misguided ambition, self-repression, and chemistry. She rambles, she tells you facts that are adjacent to whatever she was telling you before in order to avoid the difficulty of facing herself. She lets you in and immediately pulls back. It’s in the trivia provided, and the subtleties between them, that you gain understanding of this character.

This book has little in the way of a plot but it would be entirely unfair to say that nothing happens. This woman happens, her life unfolds, and the changes she undergoes are monumental to her.”

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Chemistry by Weike Wang