Cantoras by Carolina De Robertis


“It’s impossible not to fall in love with these fierce ‘girlwomen’—queer, courageous, and adventurous—as they find freedom in their relationships with each other while living under a ruthless dictatorship.” — Angie Cruz, Vanity Fair

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What Our Bookseller Says:

From the first pages of this book, I knew I was in it for the atmospheric language, the longing and the freedom it holds just out of reach.

Cantoras weaves the experiences of five queer women as they navigate life in the Uruguayan dictatorial regime during the 1970s and 80s. They survive through their friendships with each other, creating a community and safe locations for them to be true to themselves in a time and place where being a woman is to be second-class and to be queer is against the law. This book is about the bond between friends and lovers that outlasts injustice, pain, and tragedy over several decades.

But let me be clear: this is not a heavy – or heady – read; it is a beach read ripe with joy and heart, with a lightness that begs for laughter and dialogue that demands the reader accept its frothy romanticism.

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What the Publisher Says:

In defiance of the brutal military government that took power in Uruguay in the 1970s, and under which homosexuality is a dangerous transgression, five women miraculously find one another—and, together, an isolated cape that they claim as their own. Over the next thirty-five years, they travel back and forth from this secret sanctuary, sometimes together, sometimes in pairs, with lovers in tow
or alone. Throughout it all, they will be tested repeatedly—by their families, lovers, society, and one another—as they fight to live authentic lives. A groundbreaking, genre-defining work, Cantoras is a breathtaking portrait of queer love, community, forgotten history, and the strength of the human spirit.

Cantoras by Carolina De Robertis
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