call the necromancer by leia penina wilson


Designed, printed, and assembled by Carrion Bloom Books in SLC, UT in 2022.

leia penina wilson is a Samoan poet, weaver, queer, forest hag, praying mantis. when she’s not playing Magic the Gathering, video games, or baking, she reads YA and trashy paranormal romance novels. her work dwells in cunt poetics, hybridity, witchcraft, and other decolonial practices.

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This edition of 50 has a cover with a blind-embossed impression on the title — the edges of this impression are individually chalked with white charcoal and may vary from copy to copy. The chalk and spell will fade over time.

The poems in this chapbook will be published — even wider, even weirder — in a full-length book of poetry by Action Books in 2025.

The author and editors thank you for your support.

call the necromancer by leia penina wilson