Broken People: a Novel by Sam Lansky


A groundbreaking, incandescent novel about coming to grips with the past and ourselves, for fans of Sally Rooney, Hanya Yanigahara, and Garth Greenwell.

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At a dinner party, Sam overhears a snippet of conversation: “He fixes everything that’s wrong with you in three days.”

For Sam, the promise resonates. A recent LA transplant, he has left behind his life in New York City in an attempt to outpace a decade of painful memories. But the phantom limbs of his addiction, the challenges of sobriety and the bone-deep hurt of failed relationships have left him broken. The mere mention of a path to total healing, no matter how radical, captures Sam’s imagination.

That path, Sam learns from the party’s host, involves ayahuasca, an ancient herbal medicine administered by a shaman over the course of three days. The herb is said to have a dramatic psychedelic affect, bringing those who take it to enlightenment. With the blessing of his AA sponsor, Sam agrees to join his friend Buck in the ceremony. The journey will take Sam to the very heart of his brokenness, and to the collective core of our modern dreams and desires.

Groundbreaking and gorgeously written, Broken People explores the challenges of intimacy and sobriety, the intersection of materialism and mysticism, and the ways in which the body stores heartache and trauma.


Broken People: a Novel by Sam Lansky
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