Breathing Underwater by Sarah Allen


A heartwarming, relevant middle grade novel about a twelve-year-old girl who wants to be a photographer. While on a road trip with her older sister, who is recovering from depression, she learns that loving someone doesn’t come with its own map.

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Olivia is on the cross-country road trip of her dreams, complete with her favorite aunt and uncle, National Geographic magazines, and her big sister, Ruth. Once they reach San Diego, they have a plan to uncover a time capsule they buried when they moved away three years ago. Olivia can’t wait to take pictures of the sights, adventures, and memories—but what she wants most is to make her sister happy again. Ruth has depression, and it seems to Olivia, who knows Ruth’s signs, that things are getting worse. But as the road winds on and they get closer to their old home, she’ll realize that love, not fixing, is all she can give. Breathing Underwater is the second novel from Sarah Allen, a big-hearted exploration of sisterhood, dreams, and what it means to be there for someone you love.

Breathing Underwater by Sarah Allen