Brains! Not Just a Zombie Snack, by Stacy McAnulty


The beginning of an exciting new picture book series focused on the science of the body from writer Stacy McAnulty, who leaves the solar system behind and takes readers into the human brain with the help of a zombie narrator.

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Brains. 78% water, 100% delicious. A zombie chef who has sworn off eating brains salivates over this super powerful organ in this funny and fact-filled picture book. From learning about how the brain processes messages from our five senses, to learning why wrinkly human brains are so much more powerful than smooth mouse brains, this is a hilarious introduction to the organ that does it all. Rich with kid-friendly facts and beautifully brought to life by Matthew Rivera, this is a charming and irresistible picture book.

Brains! Not Just a Zombie Snack, by Stacy McAnulty
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