Bindle Punk Bruja: A Novel by Desideria Mesa


Boardwalk Empire meets The Vanishing Half with a touch of earth magic in this sexy and action-packed historical fantasy set in the luminous Golden Twenties from debut author Desideria Mesa, where a part-time reporter and club owner takes on crooked city councilmen, mysterious and deadly mobsters, and society’s deeply rooted sexism and racism, all while keeping her true identity and magical abilities hidden—inspired by an ancient Mexican folktale.

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Our booksellers says:

“Have you ever heard someone say “I wish I was born in the 1920s” and felt the urge to point out that life kind of sucked for most people? Have you ever pictured dancing at speakeasies and drinking illegal moonshine and thought “this is fine, but would be so much better with magic?” If so, this book is for you! Luna, a Mexican-American bruja, and her ragtag group take on the mob, the Ku Klux Klan, and bigotry all at once- with a helping hand from Earth magic. Although the author, Desideria Mesa, doesn’t try to cleanse history-it’s messy and life is hard for every person who isn’t straight, white, cis, male, and Christian- Luna and the rest of the gang don’t give up without a fight. This read sure is the bee’s knees and perhaps even the cat’s pajamas.”

-Julia H.

Yo soy quien soy. I am who I am.

Luna—or depending on who’s asking, Rose—is the white-passing daughter of an immigrant mother who has seen what happens to people from her culture. This world is prejudicial, and she must hide her identity in pursuit of owning an illegal jazz club. Using her cunning powers, Rose negotiates with dangerous criminals as she climbs up Kansas City’s bootlegging ladder. Luna, however, runs the risk of losing everything if the crooked city councilmen and ruthless mobsters discover her ties to an immigrant boxcar community that secretly houses witches. Last thing she wants is to put her entire family in danger.

But this bruja with ever-growing magical abilities can never resist a good fight. With her new identity, Rose, an unabashed flapper, defies societal expectations all the while struggling to keep her true self and witchcraft in check. However, the harder she tries to avoid scrutiny, the more her efforts eventually capture unwanted attention. Soon, she finds herself surrounded by greed and every brand of bigotry—from local gangsters who want a piece of the action and businessmen who hate her diverse staff to the Ku Klux Klan and Al Capone. Will her earth magic be enough to save her friends and family? As much as she hates to admit it, she may need to learn to have faith in others—and learning to trust may prove to be her biggest ambition yet.

Bindle Punk Bruja: A Novel by Desideria Mesa