Be Recorder by Carmen Giménez Smith


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Be Recorder is an incandescent collection of poetry divided into three parts like a holy thing. Topics run the gamut — Smith covers stuff from Star Wars to world domination — but it was “Beasts” that made me sit and stare at a wall for a while. “Beasts” is the most gut-wrenchingly accurate portrait of life with a parent whose mind is slipping that I’ve ever encountered. I am unfortunate enough to know the experience: my entire family is afflicted by a chronic illness that makes the impermanence of memory furiously clear. This poem perfectly captures the devastating storm of feelings, the one that will eventually settle into a constant fog. Guilt, anger, and responsibility turn children into caregivers who practice a new form of love, a type that comes frightfully close to archivalship. Coping and taking inventory start to blend with time. Equally powerful whether it’s an epic poem or a manifesto on apologizing, this book is a wonder. – Terry

Be Recorder by Carmen Giménez Smith