Assembly by Natasha Brown


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“A stunning, brutally poignant autopsy of 24 hours in the life of a black British woman. Brown’s prose cuts like a scalpel to reveal new abrasions, deep cuts, and the scars of simply existing from one day to the next year after year.

The unnamed narrator has done everything “right” and she is ascending at her job, monetarily, and, by way of her old-moneyed boyfriend, in class status. And yet, she feels powerless, as though her life is not within her own control. She is exhausted.

Told in a stream of consciousness narrative, the crushing blows of racism, misogyny, and capitalism are felt through every page. This is a portrait that haunts.”


One woman. One day. One decision. A blistering, fearless, and unforgettable literary debut from “a stunning new writer.” (Bernardine Evaristo)

Come of age in the credit crunch. Be civil in a hostile environment. Go to college, get an education, start a career. Do all the right things. Buy an apartment. Buy art. Buy a sort of happiness. But above all, keep your head down. Keep quiet. And keep going.

The narrator of Assembly is a black British woman. She is preparing to attend a lavish garden party at her boyfriend’s family estate, set deep in the English countryside. At the same time, she is considering the carefully assembled pieces of herself. As the minutes tick down and the future beckons, she can’t escape the question: is it time to take it all apart?

Assembly is a story about the stories we live within – those of race and class, safety and freedom, winners and losers.And it is about one woman daring to take control of her own story, even at the cost of her life. With a steely, unfaltering gaze, Natasha Brown dismantles the mythology of whiteness, lining up the debris in a neat row and walking away.

“A modern Mrs. Dalloway.”—The Guardian

“Mind-bending and utterly original.”—Brandon Taylor

“Slim in the hand, but its impact is massive.”—Ali Smith

Assembly by Natasha Brown