Architecture of the Heart by Tina Schneider


Architecture of the Heart is a mythical Hero’s Journey through loss and rebirth.

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Our Bookseller says:

Loss is difficult and complex for us all, regardless of age. While this intricate and beautifully illustrated book seems like it is written for young children, its words and themes can be helpful in processing grief among people of all ages. With vivid imagery, Architecture of the Heart addresses the complex nature of healing from the loss of a loved one, specifically a parent. A great resource for young children in their grief journeys that will even make adults shed a tear or two. – Lore

A boy loses his father and his heart leaves his body. As the boy grieves, his heart, a faithful flying deer, builds structures to protect him against his own pain. The story folds and unfolds in a series of stunning, surprising visual metaphors that trace the unconscious path of healing, of rebuilding a life. Children and grown-ups alike will take solace in this brave book’s gentle embrace.

Architecture of the Heart by Tina Schneider