Anodyne: Poems by Khadijah Queen


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Anodyne draws inspiration from sources as different as Kendrick Lamar and Anne Carson; veering between lyric confessional poetry and beautiful odes — making many pit stops to use more experimental verse. Through it all, Queen’s poetry remains luminously precise: it burns even as it mourns the very experience of living. It is resilient and about resilience, fragility intertwining with joy regardless of the danger. – Terry

In language that is dynamic, powerful, and delicate, Anodyne brilliantly maps the self across time, across landscape, across love.

The poems that make up Anodyne consider the small moments that enrapture us alongside the daily threats of cataclysm. Formally dynamic and searingly personal, Anodyne asks us to recognize the echoes of history that litter the landscape of our bodies as we navigate a complex terrain of survival and longing. With an intimate and multivocal dexterity, these poems acknowledge the simultaneous existence of joy and devastation, knowledge and ignorance, grief and love, endurance and failure—all of the contrast and serendipity that comes with the experience of being human. If the body is a world, or a metaphor for the world, for what disappears and what remains, for what we feel and what we cover up, then how do we balance fate and choice, pleasure and pain? Through a combination of formal lyrics, delicate experiments, sharp rants, musical litany, and moments of wit that uplift and unsettle, Queen’s poems show us the terrible consequences and stunning miracles of how we choose to live.

Anodyne: Poems by Khadijah Queen
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