Amnesty By Aravind Adiga


A riveting, suspenseful, and exuberant novel from the bestselling, Man Booker Prize–winning author of The White Tiger and Selection Day about a young illegal immigrant who must decide whether to report crucial information about a murder—and thereby risk deportation

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Our Bookseller says:

“Danny has found a woman he loves, work as a cleaner, and a place to live in a storeroom. Life is good – or as good as it can be for an undocumented immigrant in Australia.

Until one of his clients is murdered, that is.

Told over a single day, timestamps edging us along, this novel seeps with lurking distrust and a broiling suspense. You see, Danny has information on the murder. A suspect, maybe two.

Quietly powerful, this novel explores every detail of what it will cost Danny to come forward, of his desperation to be true to his morals while knowing that doing so will detonate his life.”

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Amnesty By Aravind Adiga