Acid Death Fantasy by Luke Gearing


Take your Troika! games to a new world of anarchic Sultans, beautiful plastic men, azure apes, steel gods and acid death.

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The slate was not wiped clean — it was shattered into countless jagged pieces, splintering a new worlds with the debris of the old.

The second book published for Troika! is a complete setting with a distinct apocalyptic flavour by award winning industry veteran Luke Gearing. A new tone, a new style, and a new book to totally upend your Troika! games. 56 pages, 36 backgrounds, 36 enemies, and a framework to hang them off of.


‘Is Luke Gearing too powerful? Perhaps. Luke’s latest book for the Melsonian Art Council is Acid Death Fantasy, and it’s kind of hot.’ – Total Party Kill

‘You’re in the desert, walking along the sand, when all of a sudden you look down and see a turtle. On its shelled back is a book. Through the heat haze the title comes into focus; ACID DEATH FANTASY.’ – Beyond the Weird

‘This post-apocalyptic world sits somewhere between Dune, Dark Sun, and Jean-Girard Moebius. So, frankly speaking, Mr. Gearing had me from page 1.’ – There Will Be Games

Acid Death Fantasy by Luke Gearing