A Complicated Kindness By Miriam Toews


“A Complicated Kindness captures the struggles of a family and its individuals in a fresh, wondrous style . . . [A] beautiful and bitter little masterpiece.” —The Believer

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Left alone with her sad, peculiar father, Nomi Nickel’s days are spent piecing together why her mother and sister have disappeared and contemplating her inevitable career at Happy Family Farms, a chicken slaughterhouse on the outskirts of East Village, a town founded by Mennonites on the cold, flat plains of Manitoba, Canada. This darkly funny novel is the world according to Nomi, a bewildered and wry sixteen-year-old trapped in a town governed by fundamentalist religion and in the shattered remains of a family it destroyed. In Nomi’s droll, refreshing voice, we’re told the story of an eccentric, loving family that falls apart as each member lands on a collision course with the only community any of them have ever known.

A Complicated Kindness By Miriam Toews